Stop the Yo-Yo dieting

Say good-bye yo-yo diet and lose weight with coffee.  It is really quite simple.  Just follow these simple instruction.Stop yo-yo dieting

  • No Working Out
  • No Special Diet
  • Just 1 to 2 Cups a Day
  • Fat and Inches Melt Away

You say that is too simple and it will not work.  I tell you that is exactly what it takes. This coffee is absolutely amazing.  It works with the body instead of against it.  Here are some interesting facts about this coffee.weight loss and coffee

Having trouble getting into those favorite jeans?  How about that little black dress isn’t a little black dress any more.  If you are wearing shapeless clothes to hide all those extra rolls, then you need this coffee.  Stop depriving yourself of your favorite foods just to lose those unwanted pounds.  That is why we are in this yo-yo diet to start with.  We lose weight by not eating our favorites.  Then the weight comes off and guess what, we indulge in all those foods again.  Here comes the weight again and we start over.


Valentus Slim roast coffee is formulated with the purest natural ingredients from some of the most pristine locations on the planet, we pride ourselves not only on creating products that get results, but on creating products that are good for your body.

Have a cup of JOE  

SlimROAST Optimum Neurologic system for Optimum Performance cannot be accomplished with a single nutrient, it requires a “stack” (or group) of several independently performing nutrients working together. To deliver this stack to the right places in the brain, circulatory support nutrients that promote nitric oxide production and circulation (via vasodilation) is essential to optimize nutrient potential. A lot of technical jargon I know but this stuff helps you understand what is going on inside you. coffee weight loss

Formulated with natural appetite suppressants, feel good ingredients and detox components and powered by VASO6™ a Nitric Oxide, Antioxidant Booster for OptimumCirculation & Oxygen delivery. SlimROAST Optimum is the perfect addition to your weight loss management program! Our bodies could use all the help it can get to fight off all the bad stuff we put into it.

Not only will you find managing your weight with SlimROAST Optimum will produce exciting results, but you will love the taste of this delicious Dark Roast Coffee!coffee weight loss

Exclusive functional coffee formulated to:

  • • Crush Cravings *
    • Increase Energy *
    • Metabolize fat to Energy *
    • Help Regulate Blood Sugar *
    • Improve Mood & Focus *
  • • Boosts Circulation and Oxygen delivery

I Want Hot Chocolate

weight loss cocoaSo what if you are like me and you are not a coffee drinker but still want to lose weight. I have the solution for you too.  Hot chocolate or hot cocoa is my preference of a hot soothing drink.  I know, I know that is not something most people want to help get them started in the mornings.  However, it you are not a coffee drinker this is a great alternative.  It is also great for those cold afternoons or evenings after being outside for hours.  Playing in the snow or working in the cold, a big mug of sweet, thick, rich hot chocolate really hits the spot.  And you know the best thing about this particular hot chocolate, you are losing weight while drinking it!!! No skimping on taste but definitely on those useless calories.weight loss and hot chocolate

weight loss and hot chocolateAnother great thing about hot chocolate and cocoa, NO COFFEE BREATH!!  Now you can snuggle and smooch after a great warm cup of cocoa and not worry about coffee breath.  Isn’t that amazing!!  Another side benefit of drinking hot chocolate.  Immediate romance can follow, be spontaneous – while losing weight.   Now who can disagree with that. coffee and weight loss

I want more options

Alright, alright!!! I know that we have all you really die-hard athletes and gym enthusiast out there who crave the weight loss aspect but you cannot take hot chocolate and coffee with you to the gym.  Got you covered as well.  Valentus makes an amazing energy drinkthat is all natural with no chemical additives or steroids.keto creamer

See for yourself what is in store for you with the Prevail Energy, Prevail Max and Prevail Breakthrough AM/PM.  Not just another energy drink.


Organic cane sugar, Inulin dietary fiber, Citric acid, Potassium citrate, Natural cherry powder, Natural blueberry powder, Stevia (leaf), Natural flavor, Natural caffeine from coffee bean, Guarana seed powder, Maqui berry powder, Green tea powder, Gotu kola powder, Maca (root) powder, Rhodiola Rosea powder, Siberian ginseng powder, Natural color. Do you see anything here that your body cannot decipher and use?  I don’t.  And guess what, I can pronounce all the words!!! That is a plus. So I am guessing nothing made up or artificial in here.

  • 1,980mg Inulin prebiotic (also called fructooligosaccharide)

  • 720mg Natural Cherry & Natural Blueberry Powder, rich in antioxidants

  • 270mg Stevia (Leaf) with 90% Steviol Glycocides

  • 100mg Adaptagenic Blend of Maqui Berry Powder, Green Tea Powder, Gotu Kola Powder, Maca (root) Powder, Rhodiola Rosea Powder and Siberian Ginseng Powder

  • 95mg Natural Caffeine from Coffee Bean Powder and Guarana Seed Powder

See what I mean.  Nothing to worry about.  Get the boost you need without crashing 2 hours later from caffeine overdose.  With these natural ingredients, your body will break them down and use them to their upmost potential.  Build your muscle memory and regain must needed electrolytes before and after your grueling workouts.  And you know what, you will still be melting those unwanted fat cells while drinking this amazing energy drink.  Prevail Energy will boost your workout results better than workouts alone.  Plus without the side effects of caffeine, popping pills or starving yourself.  You have nothing to lose, except that unwanted poundage of course.


Say good-bye to the yo-yo diet and hello to a healthy and more energetic you with Valentus.  Here you can find the exact combination to fit your taste buds or athletic lifestyle.  You have no excuse now to get rid of those extra pounds and find the new you.

Choose between several types of coffees, hot cocoa, energy drinks, immune boosters and a variety of other products at your fingertips to help you lose poundage and gain energy and focus.

The Fat Lady Sings

Ok. The fat lady has not sung yet, but the stage is set. What have you got to lose!!!POUNDAGE!!!Don’t put if off any longer.  Start now and by Christmas be a size smaller.  Valentus is backed by a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.  So again, you have nothing to lose except the FAT!!!weight loss and coffee

Start here today and order now!!!

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