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movies0Movie tickets online: Want to see the latest movie but don’t want to stand in line for tickets or learn they are sold out? Then get your tickets online for all the upcoming new movies.

Artisan soap: I know there are a lot of people going vegan or vegetarian in all things.  Here is a place for you to get wonderful all natural soaps.

gift basket - soap

Plus-sized fashions: If you are like me and you are plus-sized and yet trendy, I know you are having a hard time finding clothes that match your personality.  Then you need to look no further.  Visit here to find just what you need.

Wedding help: Spring and summer is also the wedding season.  Help is here for you guys and gals who are tying the knot.  Get everything from party favors, dresses, tuxes, to honeymoon spots in one place.

jess wedding

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin: This is the new way of the future.  No more money exchanges and credit information being stolen.  free bitcoinBlockchain technology is sweeping the business, financial and travel institution by storm. Sign up today before the market explodes and prices increase.

Wine club: Wine is the most popular social drink available.  Currently, it is more popular than beer or any other beverage. Wine is that one beverage that is excellent no matter the time of year.  It makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.  It is also a great way to socialize with family and friends.  You can have fine wines delivered to you door and always have a ready supply.  Check out how.

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Health and fitness: With the busy lifestyle that we all lead, finding the balance between a healthy and balanced life can be difficult.  We find it hard to take the time to just relax and take care of ourselves.  Our diet suffers due to fast food and unhealthy eating choices.  Nutrition is replaced by convenience.  Here you will be able to see alternatives to help you get back on track.  From vitamins, muscle health, diet to food choices, you will find it here.

Please look around and check out all the things available. There is so much to see and look through.  You most definitely will find something you like or that one thing you have been looking for.  If you don’t see it, look me up on Facebook and let me know.  I will endeavor to get it added.  Visit me at: https://www.facebook.com/indianpride1 with all your comments.  I would enjoy getting to know you.  Also do not forget to fill out the form on the right so that I can keep you updated on any and all things new.

Trendy Fashions: See the latest and most trendy fashions at your fingertips.
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Thrilling Clearance!Unbelievably Steep 80% OFF!

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Foods for all: Get the foods, beverages and vitamins to fit any lifestyle. Chocolate and sweets galore are here. Vitamins for the vegan and vegetarian are at your fingertips.  Need liquid based or pureed vegetable drinks, then I have the perfect place for you.
The Fruit Company

320x50 Romantic Collection

For the Meat lover, get your steaks delivered to you.  The choicest beef cuts to make a mouth watering dinner or a romantic interlude awaits you.  PS: Don’t forget the wine!!!!
Free Shipping + 3 Free Gifts

Gifts:For the person who has everything, how about a monthly club as a gift.  There are several to choose from. Look at the selection and decide what is best for that person who is hard to buy for. 
88x31 GMC button banner
Monthly Chocolate Club

Cook healthier with the Nuwave oven.  Never fry or burn your food again.  Have a quick, nutritious, and healthy meal in minutes with the NuWave oven. More information available here. 

Join the move to get rid of the middle man and travel for less.  This new, innovative way of travel helps to ensure the safety and protection from identity also.

Find that perfect book to read for those lazy days on the beach, around the pool or just to escape the day to day grind. Look for it here.

Cigars – the look of sophistication and style.

Need to get rid of those unwanted pounds, then you can start today.  If you enjoy coffee, then you need to try this new, innovative weight loss system.

For all the gamers out there, have some fun and experience a new world in these virtual online games.

Tired of the old, drab look of your house or apartment? Then update it.

Flowers – The gift for all occasions.  Have flowers delivered to anyone for any occasion within 24 hours.

Our pets are also part of our family.  Don’t neglect their care. Keep them healthy!!!

See the world!!!

Regain the intimacy in your relationship.

Again, Chocolate is the best comfort food.  You can never have enough.

Again, thank you for visiting Shop with MamaChief, your best online shopping adventure.  I hope to hear from you soon.


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