Cooking, Food and Health education seems like a weird topic of conversation. However, if you look at the overall way that we as humans live, these three things really go hand in hand. But nonetheless, we still need to stay healthy and right right. Let’s look at how we incorporate these things in our everyday life.

Do we all agree that we need food and drink to survive. Although it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it does need to be nutritious and healthy. Water and the basic -food groups are something we have been taught our whole life. From the time we start consuming foods, we are taught to eat from the these basic groups. Grains, proteins, veggies, fruits, dairy are the things that make up our eating habits. Nonetheless, we can overeat even these basic needs. Discover how you can still eat what you love and remain healthy.

Food for Thought

If you are like me, I wake up hungry. Being Southern, a big breakfast every morning is a given. A breakfast consists of biscuits, bacon, sausage or ham, grits, gravy, milk and juice and some type of fruit. Not always the healthiest but definitely fulfilling. Especially living on a working farm, you needed a breakfast this big. Hard work allowed you to work off all those calories. Then lunch and dinner wasn’t any different. Sometimes even bigger.

southern breakfast meal

Living on a working farm, we rose early and went to be early. We worked hard and played hard. So eating big wasn’t anything unusual. But, as we grew and went off in the working corporate world, when we got off the farm. However, it was hard breaking those eating habits. As a result, a fat “tire tube” became our waist line. We started pushing pencils instead of a plow. Not necessarily lazy but definitely not anywhere near the activity required to burn all those calories. So, things had to change to help us get back into optimal health.

Healthy Cooking and Recipes

Due to my Southern upbringing, I really love to cook. But sitting behind a desk all day does not make for a healthy way to burn all those calories. So, I had to adjust some of my recipes and portions. Here you will be able to get access to some of my most favorite recipes.

southern comfort foods soups and stews served with your favorite red or white wine

Winter is my favorite time of the year. Soups and stews are so filling and easy to make. With some biscuits or cornbread, you can make a meal out of just about anything. Throw together some veggies, beans, rice, a bit of meat and some stock and you have the fixing for some good eating. Add some seasoning for taste and you can eat healthy and hearty.

If you want to add a bit of class to your soup and stews, then include your favorite wine, sweet tea or drink to it. Any meal can become a special occasion with the right beverage.

Summer time means salads, fruits, cookouts and community outings. Having the right food for these events is very important. Since people are getting health conscience, then you can help by making a healthy, hearty dish with the right ingredients. Some research in health education can go a long way in this endeavor.

Health Education

alkalarian lifestyle great way to cook healthy food and learn some health education

Since we need food and drink to live a good life, knowing what you can ingest and how much is key to having and living a healthy life. Some of us need to adjust our eating habits. This isn’t something for a little while but a necessary lifestyle change.

biohacking with these amazing velovita snaps

However, some of us have a great metabolism and need only to get it going again or jump start it. Eating a certain way and adding some supplements will give us the start we need to start dropping those unwanted pounds. Then we can maintain that desired weight with some supplements, light exercise and eating in moderation. This latest biohacking technology is just what you are looking for to help gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out my biohacking blog page for more details.

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