Time to match your outer beauty with your inner beauty!! Get off that weight loss roller coaster and just add a snap to your daily routine!!! 

weight loss creamer additive great for coffee or hot chocolate

No diet, no exercise and no picky diet food. You can literally have your cake and eat it too…in moderation of course!! 

Here is what you can expect: 

  • plôs™ Thermo brings the heat to every cup with a creamy smooth consistency and flavor boost.
  • Designed to help with your body composition goals in 3 ways:
  • Eliminates calories from unhealthy fats and sugar in your coffee.
  • Helps control daily caloric intake.
  • Improves metabolism.

Your Cup, plôs™! Substitute your regular creamer for your new weight loss creamer!!! Give it a try for 30 days and see how you feel!! Become a customer and give this product at try!!!

Read more at Shop With MamaChief under a hot body!!! 


get rid of the brain fog with only a SNAP a day!!!

Do you have dull, lifeless hair? How about short, brittle nails?  Both refusing to grow and look horrible!!! Now, you can have longer, stronger hair and nails in a simple SNAP!!! Collagen is the key to making your hair stronger and looking healthier and more vibrant.  Also, get those vampire nails that are so strong you will need a sander to trim them back!!! Collagen is the magic to achieve this.  But not from your doctor or an injection or power.  This simple SNAP is a liquid collagen gel that is fast absorbing and has an enzyme that protects break down in the stomach gastric juices!! Thereby, allowing your body to fully utilize its massive healing traits.  

To read more, follow the link.  However, if you want to get yours today and start your regimen to longer and stronger hair and nails, then order today and have it shipped and delivered to you in as little as seven days!! 

Try the double-tip of both the focus and energy as well as the collagen to have a more youthful as well as energetic you.   These products are NON-gmo, vegan-friendly, keto-friendly, non-dairy, as well as gluten-free.  SO, safe, healthy and friendly!!

use the trifecta of health to help you regain focus, get better sleep, look younger and healthier with longer stronger nails and  hair

Another cool effect of these products, weight loss…if you use the trifecta!!  All three of these amazing products.  

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Wearable Technology

wearable technology device

Fashion meets technology in this wearable technological device. Now you can monitor all your vitals as well as tell time. Best of this program is the ability to earn cryptocurrency. This amazing device is just what you need to stay healthy and monitor your overall healthy at any time of the day or night in real-time. With the growing strides in technology, you will be able to upload your statistics to your physician. Easy way to monitor your overall health without going to the doctor’s office. Read more on my webpage. However, if you want to get in with the trends and wearable fashion, then order yours today!!! Set it up and start earning crypto and be part of the financial disrupter.



You owe it to yourself and your employees to see if you qualify for this new stimulus tax credit.  It will go a long way to sustain your business during this pandemic.  Also, it will help ensure that your employees have a way to provide for their families.  The choice is up to you.  This program is available for a limited time only.  Basically, until the funds run out.  You will not hear any other advertising about this program.  

erc reform do you quality free to check up to $26,000 per employee

Here are the benefit available through this program:

During these uncertain times, you owe it to yourself,  your employees and your customers to make sure you stay in business. Don’t let pride, laziness, indecision or ignorance stop you from applying for this credit.  YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN!!!

Keep your business floating with this tax credit.  It is not a loan.  So you don’t have to pay it back!!! But time is limited.  It is a first come first serve basis.  So, don’t delay.  Apply NOW!!

Follow the link below to get started or to learn more!!!!

You are invited to our exclusive club…

Event Happenings

Are You Looking for a new adventure for this summer?!  Well look no further.  Coming directly to you from the USA, New Country meets Old World. Wines directly from Napa and Sonoma Valley.  Delivered right to your door.  Now you can experience the tastes of the New World wines.  

bold new wine from napa and sonoma valley exclusive wine club wine

Not only fine wines but other technological advances await you!!! If you are having trouble sleeping, losing weight, anxiety, loss of focus, mental acuity or even stress, this new-age biohacking technology is just what you need.  With a simple click of a button, you will have access to all of this and more.  So check it out.

Do you dream of visiting the Napa Valley region to get some of their world famous wines?  Well, now you can get those wines delivered directly to your door!!! Even all the way across the ocean, you can enjoy these amazing Fine Wines from the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma Valleys.  Although you have some amazing wines in your back door, getting to experience fine wines from the New Wine Country is still a joy to have.  

Getting started is easy!!! Just follow these simple steps.

  1.  All you need to do is follow the link and select your country. 
  2. Select your member package.
  3. Next you will choose your wines, all reds, all whites or mixed.
  4. Then choose if you want 4 bottles, 6 bottles or a case shipped to you monthly.  (In order to keep shipping costs down, your orders will be shipped once you accumulate 12 bottles or a case).
  5. Then sit back and wait for your wines to come to your door!!!
  6. JOIN TODAY!!!

Bringing Napa Valley Vineyards to your door is simple and easy.  Get these exclusive wines from this amazing wine of the month club and enjoy a variety of wines from the various Napa and Sonoma Valleys vineyards.  

So let me ask you a question.  


wine and diamonds the sophisticated way to drink napa valley fine wines

This wine club will enhance your wine palate and make you an official wine snob!!! Expand your wine knowledge!!! JOIN NOW!!


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