Bitcoin and Blockchain Innovations

sugardaddy5The more our financial needs grow the more we need a better, more secure monetary system.  Blockchain innovations and bitcoin are fast becoming the standard for meeting this financial need.

With all the security issues that we have to contend with from security issues, fraud, and identity theft, a more secure way to shop, transfer funds and travel is needed.  free bitcoin

Bitcoin is a great way to accomplish this.  Here is a free app that you can download to mine free bitcoin, SmartMiner.  Just download it to your computer, 64-bit is required, and let it run.  You can add it up to 5 different computers.  Also, if you refer others to the same program, then you can share in their bitcoin mining.  bitcoin3

The latest blockchain innovation inline with bitcoin is green bitcoin, called Bitgex.  It is a way to have proof-of-state for your bitcoin for the future.  If you want to ensure your bitcoin, then you need to have Bitgex. 

I will be updating this page as more information comes forward.  So please visit often.

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