Fine Wines that Even Scrooge would love

The the holiday season fast approaching we all endeavor to do our best to please all our friends and family with the best gifts possible.  How about a great fine wine and better yet from your own personal wine club.  wine christmas

Not only would you have access to fine wines from exclusive vineyards from our own back door but also from around the world.  But with this amazing wine club, you also have the opportunity to make money and get free wine!!!

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Opportunity Knocks

wine business opportunityAmazing information right!!!!

Fine Wines are just a few clicks away!  Now you don’t even need to leave your home. They come right to your door.  And you get the benefit of amazing Experiences with each and every glass!

Image never having to guess if you have the right wine for the occasion.  Build up your wine collection or become a wine connoisseur by having the wine you need at your fingertips.

fine wineDirect Cellars handles the call from wine novices to wine enthusiasts with unbelievable Customer Service and something that is priceless – a reach and selection of fine wines – and offering a new selection each and every month.

fine winesWhether you are one that enjoys Reds, Whites, or one that enjoys both (Or maybe the Misses likes the Whites, and you prefer the Reds) there is a solution for you here with Direct Cellars.

Fine Wines are created around the Globe.  You owe it to yourself to be trying them.  And while going to get them in person is the best experience, the next best thing is having them being sent directly to you. That is what you get with Direct Cellars.

Health Benefits of Wine

Did  you know that a fine red wine could be healthy for you in the right consumption ration?  However not all wines are good for you.  With all the added sulfates to the mass produced wines, some can be more harmful that good for you.

Before we talk health benefits though, let’s talk pour size. It can be hard to gauge what an appropriate pour size is given the varying sizes and shapes of wine glasses. While we may love our oversized wine glasses, medical experts don’t consider that a proper pour.

wine business opportunityA proper glass of wine is a 5-ounce pour. And when we say “moderate drinking”, that means what is clinically considered to be healthy. For women, it’s one glass a day and for men it’s two – I know ladies, we get the short end of the stick. Wish more meant better, but that’s life.

Now that we got that straightened out, let’s get to the fun part. Pour yourself a glass, and take a look at the ten ways wine benefits your health.(1)


Wine is full of antioxidants that attack free radicals when they come lurking around. When choosing your wine for antioxidants, go with business opportunity


While you probably shouldn’t stop taking your daily vitamins, drinking a glass of wine daily can give your immune system a boost. Moderate alcohol consumption can ward off infections and keep your immune system in business opportunity

Don’t get too carried away, though. Excessive consumption can lead to negative effects that defeat the whole purpose or drinking wine for an immunity boost.


As we get older, our bones get more brittle. You could increase your calcium intake by drinking milk, or you can do yourself a real favor and sip on a relaxing glass of business opportunity

Red wine has high levels of silicon, which is great for your bone mineral density. It increases the density and reduces the chance of osteoporosis. And like warm milk, it may help you doze off at night.


Moderate consumption of wine – and alcohol in general – can prevent blood clotting. Wine acts as a natural blood thinner, breaking up any blood clots that could lead to a stroke. This lower risk of blood clotting is more beneficial to females than males.

Red wine, in particular, contains phenols that act as a blood thinner in a similar regard to aspirin – and resveratrol is mostly to thank. A study done by John Hopkins University Medical Center found that resveratrol found in red grape skins could protect against stroke when the grapes were turned into business opportunity

Beware, while light to moderate consumption may be good in preventing a stroke, heavy drinkers are more likely to have the opposite effect, resulting in a higher risk of heart attacks, not a lower risk. Like all good things in life, moderation is key.


In the battle against heart disease, taking all necessary precautions is well worth it – especially when it involves wine. The tannins found in red wine contain procyanidins – phenols which neutralize free radicals – that have shown to be effective in preventing cardiovascular disease.

According to WebMD, a study by researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa tested the effects of red wine on the health of blood vessels. What they found after 21 consecutive days of consumption was that blood vessel cell health was enhanced, improving the flow of blood. This increases the health of the heart, lowering the risk of cardiovascular business opportunity

So the lesson is, if you want a healthy heart, bite the bullet and drink a glass of wine. While the American Heart Association does not support drinking for nondrinkers or those at risk of alcoholism, those who already imbibe may continue light drinking for positive heart health.


Have bad cholesterol and no dietary guidelines? Pour a bowl of your Cheerios in the morning and stick to wine at night. Those procyanidins in red wine that promote a healthy heart also promote lower cholesterol.

wine business opportunityReservatrol also decreases LDL – bad cholesterol – while increasing the HDL – good cholesterol. This also means that red wine benefits blood pressure, so if you’re suffering from high blood pressure, it’s best to pour a glass. If you’re having trouble keeping your cholesterol levels on the good side, sip on a daily glass of medicinal red wine.


Let’s face it, diabetes flat out sucks. You can’t indulge in cravings without first considering the health repercussions that result in more than a larger waistline. The good news is that if you are at risk for type 2 diabetes, wine may help.

Resveratrol has been proven to improve sensibility to insulin. With insulin resistance contributing to type 2 diabetes risk, a nice glass of wine makes the list of things you can enjoy.

8. IT REDUCES THE RISK OF business opportunity

In the battle against cancer, wine may is on your side. The risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer can be reduced by drinking a glass of wine. The antioxidants combat nasty free radicals that allow cancer to thrive. Red wine especially is beneficial, as the resveratrol that fights against heart disease also fights against cancerous cells.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that:

“Men who drink an average of four to seven glasses of red wine per week are only 52 percent as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as those who do not drink red wine. In addition, red wine appears particularly protective against advanced or aggressive cancers.”

wine business opportunity

Not that we need another excuse to drink wine, but if it can help against the vicious battle against cancer, then we’ll happily pour a glass. If you’re looking for a red high in resveratrol, then opt for a nice glass of cabernet sauvignon.


wine business opportunityIt may sound crazy, but drinking a glass of wine is like food for the brain. Drinking a single glass has shown to improve brain function. The chemicals in red wine prevent the brain’s neurons from dying off.

As a result, it protects the brain from dementia while slowing the onset of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The next time you do your brain exercises, drink a glass of wine to help you gear up.


When you hear about healthy living and longevity, time and time again the Mediterranean diet comes up. At the core of that diet, beyond olive oil and vegetables, is wine. There is something magical inside the daily glass of wine that increases life span. And that magical thing is resveratrol.

wine business opportunity

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that resveratrol activates a protein that acts as an anti-aging agent. The interaction increases overall health, thus promoting longevity. If a decreased mortality rate is not enough reason to drink a glass of wine, then I don’t know what else it.

Do yourself a favor, and pour a glass of wine and toast to your health.

Romance and winewine business opportunity

Do you sometimes draw a blank about how to show that special one that you love them and appreciate all that they do to keep you motivated, show you love, keep you feed and your house and family going?  How about something spontaneous?!

Romance with wine is a great way to get to know a person. A good wine and a romantic location can make any situation enjoyable. There is just something about a great bottle of wine for any occasion that seems to make everything look not so daunting. Romance today has become a lost art.  With the hectic pace that we set for ourselves with all the things we have going on, romance gets lost in the shuffle. When was the last time you slowed down and just stopped to examine your relationship?! Romance is a necessity in a relationship.  Wine is a great icebreaker in romance with wineany situation.  Combine romance with wine and you will have a great experience.

A night of relaxing with a great meal and a good bottle of fine wine can go a long way in rekindling a relationship. A great steak, baked potato with a Cesar salad paired with a great Merlot or Malbec is a great start.  Savoring a great meal and having a meaningful conversation with a great wine is amazing.  No distractions to get in the way of reconnecting and catching up on each others life helps you relax and just let yourself be together. sometimes we all need to just breath the day way.

Wine and Relaxing

Both women and men love a good relaxing bubble bath.  Nothing feels better than a quiet,  hot, long, bubble bath with a glass of your favorite wine and some soft lighting and music.

wine magic

Then there is the Wine Magic that kicks in when you are looking to create that romantic moment with your Lover.  Entice them into the hot bath you made with complete intent for a romantic evening with just the two of you.  Away from anything, anyone else.  (No cell phones, no computers, no TV)  Just the two of you, some Fine Wine, and the Magic is set to happen.  You can relax, and just be the two of you together.

wine magicWhile Women and Baths seem more common, by all rights the Joys of a Hot Bath and a Glass of Fine Wine are not just for Women (not in this Century).  One try, and almost any Man will see the calming value of some Alone Time with a Fine Wine in hand under the bubbles in a Hot Tub.  Try it once, and you will know how amazing it feels.  You will see why letting the significant Woman in your life enjoy a Hot Bath 2 to 3 times a week is worth doing the extra chores or take the kids out to the park to allow it to happen.  She will be relaxed, and your efforts to allow her the complete peace and quiet will be worth it for you both.

What’s next:

Now is the time to get started. if you would like more info or to sign up then get started here. The opportunity is here to enjoy fine premium wines and have the chance to work from home.  Wine is found everywhere.  Right now wine is some more than any other alcoholic beverage including beer.  It is more sociably accepted.  You give wine for gifts at weddings, birthdays, bring to a party, social events, holidays, showers, or basically anywhere you would like to give a gift.

With that being said, get started today and make your dreams a reality with this amazing Wine Club of the Month business opportunity.

Get in, Get Wine, Get Social, and become your own boss

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