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Welcome to my world my fellow online readers. It is my honor and privilege to share my world with you. Over the course of my life, I have experienced and seen my things that I feel others may like to know about. Although my life has not been perfect, it has been eventful and joyous. If any of my experiences can help anyone out there to better their life, make it more fulfilling, rich, and joyful, then I have accomplished what I have set out to do. So let me introduce you to my site.

What To Look forward To

Like I have stated, in my 55 years I have experienced quite a lot. From the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. But as life still holds so much to explore, I am by no means finished. Here at life and living with MamaChief, I will show and tell you about all the things that I feel could be helpful and beneficial.

I may share my favorite recipes with you. From Grandma’s secret apple pie to my Father-in-laws favorite chili recipe. Who knows I may even give you some tips on some great meals and snack ideas for kids. As a Southern Bell who loves to cook, these recipes and ideas will vary but will also be very exciting.

Then I will show you all the gift and craft ideas that I have discovered over the years. As a Native American of the Lumbee tribe, crafting is a major art form. However, some simple ideas and techniques will provide a wealth of gifts for any and all occasions.

Looking For Ways to Earn Extra Money

As a you get older, you will want to earn your way in the world. That requires income, money. However, as I have found out, the 40-40-40 plan is not a viable option in todays world. With inflation, higher prices and technological advanced, you need something more. But working 2 to 3 jobs just to make ends meet is not my idea of fun. Nevertheless, that may work for the masses but I hope I am connecting with those individuals who are looking for a bit more. Being your own boss and working for yourself is the best option that I have found to help secure financial security and the freedom to enjoy it.

Yes, I discovered this late in life. But since then, I have enjoyed more travel, family time and financial freedom by being my own boss. Yes, there was some initial investments to get started. But what business doesn’t require some funds to get started. However, the cost was very low and the residual income that resulted is amazing. Here you will also find those programs and companies. Who know, you may be able to find that one that fits you and your personality to help you on your way to financial stability.

Health and Wellness

As we all get older, our health and wellness becomes an issue. In our microwave society, a sit-down, home cooked meal is not always an option. Take out or fast food has become the norm. But as we all know this is not the healthiest way to eat. It is okay every once in a while but not as a daily meal plan. Although there are those of us who really love to eat out, we need to think about our health.

Heart health, fat intake, calories, clogged arteries, obesity, poor circulation, fatigue, memory loss are just some of the things that will affect us as we get older. What we need to look for is something simple yet nutritious that will help us maintain our good health. SNAPPing is my way of coping with this. These scientifically-proven, biohacking, technologically advanced formulas literally change and modify my body to hack it back to optimal performance. Now, we will never be as we were in our youth, but these little SNAP really help me, naturally, to be a close to that as possible.

Stay Tuned and Follow Me

So, now that you know the way I am going to be conducting my blog site, please feel free to explore it on a daily basis. I will be adding new stuff as I come across it. Give you discounts and coupons as I find them. Gift and shopping ideas and sites as I discover them. All in the hopes that you will spread the word to your finds and family to visit me too.


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